Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Monday's Muse on a Wednesday: Buck It Up!

We're going to break tradition here and do a Monday's Muse on a Wednesday! Why? Well, it's not every day that I get to write about a musician I know personally. So this is pretty cool and exciting!

When you work in publishing, sometimes you meet some super-creative people. This is my friend Amy's husband, Butch Phelps. (Amy isn't too shabby herself, by the way.) 

Butch Phelps and the Buck Ups, "Bought and Sold" 

I love how smoothly the country twang mixes with the singer-songer confessional. (It's also great to see someone play guitar and sing. Seems like a lost art lately.) While we watch Butch grapple with the creative process, writing and rewriting, and eventually tossing out his efforts in the end, he still has that confidence. You know, he's that guy walking around Brooklyn clad in cowboy boots with a guitar strapped to his back. He's someone you just know you want to see. So why don't you? Find out more about Butch Phelps and the Buck Ups here

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